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Workshops and Talks

Self-Transformation East and West
An Experiential and Discussion Group with Dr. Jeffrey Rubin
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6 weeks on Wednesdays (7:30–8:45 pm EST)

January 18; 25; February 1; 8; 15; 22, 2023

(participation in all sessions is preferred)

Have you ever wondered why your best efforts to change have been difficult? Have you ever longed to live a life of greater awareness, authenticity, and interpersonal sensitivity?

In this six-week group, we will draw on the wisdom of western psychoanalytic and eastern meditative and somatic disciplines designated to support one’s best efforts for genuine transformation.

Horneyan Perspectives of the Split and Conflicted Self (201B)
Invited Faculty, American Institute for Psychoanalysis
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The Training Program in Psychoanalysis offers a contemporary curriculum with a focus on the application of psychoanalysis to clinical practice. In this course, Dr. Rubin covers the development of Karen Horney's neo-Freudian theory of psychology: one that does not resort to biology or Freudian metapsychological explanations.  Her basic construct is a conflict between nature and culture, but nature for her is the naturally endowed real self, the source of healthy self-realizing process, which is abandoned because of cultural pressures and disturbed human relations. 

NYSSCSW Conference April 27, 2019
Keynote Speaker

In his keynote address, "Psychotherapy and Human Liberation," at the New York State Society for Clinical Social Work's 50th Anniversary Education Conference on April 27, Dr. Rubin discussed his grounding in traditional and contemporary psychoanalysis and his study of Buddhism, which led him to develop his innovative approach to integrating eastern and western practices to deepen and enrich the therapeutic process for therapists and clients.

The Art of Flourishing

Times of collective and personal crisis  afford the opportunity for great breakthroughs and transformations.

In this workshop -- a combination of lecture, dialogue and experiential practices drawn from the Western psychotherapeutic, Eastern meditative and yogic traditions -- participants will gain tools to navigate this uncertain and generative time.

Meditative Psychotherapy

Drawing on Dr. Rubin's  three decades of therapeutic and meditative experience, this workshop focuses on how to integrate meditation and therapy in one's life and work.

Meditative psychotherapy uses meditation to quiet and focus the mind – making it open and spacious – and therapy to illuminate whatever you discover. When we lovingly examine the full range of human experience – experiences that therapy and meditation by themselves often neglect – we access our untapped potential for self-healing. 

Deepening Intimacy
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​Intimacy is one of life's most gratifying -- and challenging -- arts. Relationships not only bring out of the best and the worst in us, they create our greatest suffering and most momentous awakenings.

In this workshop we will explore what interferes with and fosters greater intimacy, cultivate empathic listening and compassionate feedback, and build new bridges to intimacy.  

Executive Retreats
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While group is unique, many fall into repetitive patterns and bad habits. Members get locked into limited roles, conflicts are buried, and trust diminishes.


Dr. Rubin facilitates executive retreats to help establish groups improve their intimacy and functioning. After carefully observing the group in action we will learn new tools to address its challenges, to deepen trust, enables group members to support each other on deeper levels, and help the group dream together about what they really want -- and together begin to actualize their vision and goals. 

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