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The Art of Flourishing

An East-West approach to staying sane and finding love in an insane world

We live in remarkable - and challenging - times. Science and medicine have made vast inroads in mapping our genetic inheritance. New technology has made us a global village. We have greater human rights, faster communication, and are able to travel almost anywhere in the world within a day. But despite these advances and the resurgent hope generated by the promise of a forward-thinking administration, it is a time of profound upheaval. Unprecedented economic uncertainty, moral breakdown, and threats to our current way of life leave increasing numbers of people unsettled and adrift without meaning or direction. Times of collective and personal crisis always afford the opportunity for great breakthroughs and transformations. In this workshop - a combination of lecture, dialogue and experiential practices drawn from theWestern psychotherapeutic, Eastern meditative and yogic traditions - participants will gain tools to navigate this uncertain and generative time.

We will learn how to:

  • Discover sources of realistic hope which are indispensable in tackling the challenges in our paths;

  • Cultivate clarity and equanimity, which are essential in detecting personal and social conditioning and skillfully adapting to change;

  • Access the unconscious wisdom of the mind and body to fashion new solutions to stubborn problems;

  • Compost painful - and uplifting - emotions to deepen insight, expand energy, and heighten empathy;

  • Develop life-affirming values;

  • Cultivate integrity-in-action to use as a guide through ethical complexity and confusion;

  • Dream together in imaginative ways about a more sustainable world.

​​Contact Dr. Rubin to schedule a workshop for your group.

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