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Executive Retreats
Learn to work together to actualize your group's vision and goals

An executive retreat is an opportunity for established groups to meet with a facilitator to improve group intimacy and functioning. While each group is unique, with different members, purposes, challenges and goals, many fall into repetitive patterns and bad habits that impede group functioning. Members can get locked into limited roles, conflicts may be buried and go underground, trust can diminish and the group becomes a shadow of what it could be.

After carefully observing the group in action and ascertaining its strengths and weaknesses, we'll focus on learning new tools to improve its functioning and address its challenges. The goal is to deepen trust and help the group members to begin to support each other on deeper levels -- which enables the group to dream together about what they really want -- so that they can work together to actualize their vision and goals. In the work shop we will:

  • Illuminate habitual roles each member plays which may be impeding full participation in the process;

  • Discover maladaptive patterns of communicating and relating, including a tendency to judge and blame instead of empathize and support;

  • Work toward developing the capacity to relate more genuinely and deeply, and give honest and compassionate feedback;

  • Explore ways to dream into the Future.

If your group can benefit from a consultation or for more information about this workshop, contact Dr. Rubin.

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