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Books by Dr. Rubin

The Art of Flourishing: A Guide to Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Love in a Chaotic World: Paperback, with Shinzen Young 
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In this crazy, chaotic world, we desire lasting intimacy: a close and deep-rooted relationship with someone who cherishes us—or, indeed, with ourselves. But an intimate relationship means we have to compromise, or lose, vital aspects of our personalities. How can we avoid sacrificing our own self-care to get the love we want?

Synthesizing the best practices from the traditions of Eastern meditation and Western psychotherapy, Dr. Rubin creates a new and accessible path to living authentically as a singular self and as part of a couple.

Meditative Psychotherapy: The Marriage of East and West
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Therapy and meditation not only compensate for the other’s blind spots, but also, when practiced together, provide a richer experience than either discipline pursued alone.

Dr. Rubin shares a method for using meditation and yogic breathing to quiet and focus the mind, and then explore and translate the meaning of what is discovered using psychoanalytic understandings of symbolic and unconscious communication.

Practicing Meditative Psychotherapy: Pathways to Self-Transformation

Applying the principles of meditation into the psychotherapeutic process and synthesizing the wisdom of both traditions will avoid typical therapeutic and spiritual stalemates, widen the kinds of anguish therapists can address, and open up unsuspected pathways to healing.


In this companion piece to Meditative Psychotherapy, Dr. Rubin deepens and expands the model of psycho-spiritual therapy to show how you can reanimate and deepen your own practice of meditation, bring it into your life, and integrate meditation more seamlessly and skillfully into your work.

The Art of Flourishing: A New East-West Approach to Staying Sane and Finding Love in an Insane World
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We all want more love in our lives, especially when the world requires more from us every day. Lasting intimacy—a close and enduring relationship with someone we love who cherishes us—is an indispensable source of strength, resilience, and hope, one that we especially turn to in challenging times. But too often being in an intimate relationship means we have to compromise—or lose—vital aspects of ourselves.

In The Art of Flourishing, Dr. Rubin integrates meditative, psychotherapeutic and yogic practices to give readers the tools to resolve the challenges that interfere with achieving enduring fulfillment within themselves and their relationships.

The Good Life:  Psychoanalytic Reflections on love, ethics, creativity and spirituality
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The quest to live a good life -- with awareness and creativity, passion and wisdom -- has been a central concern of the world’s great philosophers, psychologists and spiritual teachers.


Drawing on a neglected, but potent aspect of psychoanalysis -- its capacity to illuminate a psychology of health as well as illness -- The Good Life demonstrates that at its best psychoanalysis can highlight the ingredients of love, ethics, creativity, and spirituality, as well as the obstacles to experiencing them. In this way, it can serve as an indispensable resource for helping us live with greater meaning and vitality.

Psychotherapy and Buddhism:  Toward an Integration

Psychotherapy and Buddhism not only offers a novel critique of psychoanalysis and Buddhism, it also presents a new way of integrating these two traditions so that their profound insights about the art of living emerge.


This provocative and accessible work is an exceptional resource for anyone involved in self-inquiry and personal understanding, including mental health professionals and clients, spiritual seekers, scholars and students of psychology, religion, anthropology and cross-cultural studies, and the general reader.

A Psychoanalysis for Our Time: Exploring the Blindness of the Seeing I 
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Psychoanalysis is not a relic of a bygone age, rather, it has a profound relevance for our troubled time. Dr. Rubin discerns the blind spots and hidden strengths in psychoanalysis, and offers a visionary approach for its renewal based on cultivating a greater historical, theoretical, and methodological self-awareness. In this resource for psychoanalysts and other mental health professionals, scholars in the humanities and social sciences, and the general reader, Dr. Rubin draws upon a vast array of intellectual tools and disciplines including history, deconstuctionism, feminism, anthropology, Eastern meditative disciplines, and psychoanalysis itself to portray a psychoanalysis that is self-reflective and nonauthoritarian, pluralistic and emancipatory. 

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