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Mystic in Sneakers

When I was 18 basketball rewarded me in an unexpected way—it was my first ‘Zen’ meditation teacher. 

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Dealing with Depressing Headlines

Dr. Rubin and John W. Kennedy

of Beliefnet discuss media, religion, and getting through trying times.  


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A Subversive View of Happiness

When practiced with artistry and discernment, psychotherapy and meditation can help us create more harmonious lives. 

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  • Media appearances

    Dr. Rubin has appeared on television and radio programs  including CTV News and USA Radio Network, Dr. Drew and The Blaze, Progressive Radio Network and WBAI. He has given over 50 television and radio interviews on The Art of Flourishing, Sexual Harassment and Raising Healthy Boys, Children and Sports, Holiday Blues, and Father’s Day. He is active online via podcasts and social media. Appearances include:


    • AM800 CKLW, The TKO Show with Kara Ro


    • Bridge City News, which aired on the Miracle Channel


    • Sirius XM, The Blaze Radio Network, Nationally Syndicated

    • CTV News, Winnipeg, Canada


    • Bill Martinez Live


    • KABC AM, Dr. Drew Midday Live


    • KGO, Ethan Bearman Show


    • MyNDTalk, On the Psychological Side with Dr. Pamela Brewer


    • Newsradio 1070 and 98.9 FM WINA, The Schilling Show, Audio of interview


    • including “Selfless Listening” and “The Inspiration of Bruce Lee”


    • USA Radio Network, “Trending Today USA” with Ernie Brown


    • WCGO, French and Friends, Chicago


    • WSRQ 98.3 FM, The Zen Leader

  • Publications

    In addition to professional and academic journals, Dr. Rubin has published in the following popular publications:


    • Huff-Po/Ted Weekends: “Why Mental Health is Losing Its Soul”


    • Psychology Today: “Meditative Psychotherapy”; “A Subversive View of Happiness”; “Doing Self Better”; “It Would Be a Pity to Waste a Good Crisis”; “The Real Oedipal Crisis”; “How Anthony Weiner Might Save His Marriage”

    • Big Think: “Living Our Values, Closing the Ethical Gap”


    • Truthout: “The McMindfulness Craze”; “The Unhappy Truth about Positive Psychology”


    • Huffington Post: “Experience Beauty Like a Child;” “When ‘It’s Over’ Doesn’t Really Mean It’s Over”; “Why Winning in a Relationship is a Losing Strategy”; “How to Be a Behavioral Buddha


    • “Fools in Love: Zen and Intimacy”; “Selfless Listening”; “Doing the Right Thing”; “Why You Can’t Always ‘Just Do It’”; “Cavorting with Genius: The Antidote to Cultural Pollution”; “Zen Buddhism and the Cultivation of Character”; “How to Make a Change: Build It In”; “In Praise of Love”; “Training Your Weakness Not Your Strengths; “Training Your Weakness in Relationships”; “The Perils of Relentless Optimism”

    • Elephant Journal: “Cooking a Spiritual Scandal

Articles and Reviews
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