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Podcast: The Art of Flourishing: Mindfulness, Self Care and Love in a Chaotic World

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

In my interview on the Untangle podcast from Muse and Meditation Studio, I describe the challenges and opportunity to find beauty during these chaotic times. Patricia Karpas and I also discuss the way carefully integrating the eastern meditative skill in cultivating mindfulness with the western psychotherapeutic attention to meaning provides richer resources than either tradition pursued alone. Listen here:

Self-care is the foundation of intimacy, and intimacy is the culmination of self-care. Learn how, even during stressful times, you can cultivate a garden of love, grow, and nourish your connections with others in my book The Art of Flourishing: A Guide to Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Love in a Chaotic World.


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